Candle Care

How to take care of your candle:

Basic Candle Care:

-Always trim wick down to 1/8 inch before each use and empty out any debris.
-Allow candle to burn until a full melt pool is achieved over the entire top of the candle. (usually this takes about an hour)
-never burn for longer than 4 hours or leave unattended.

Wood Wicked Candle Tips and Tricks:

It is normal for wood wicked candles to flicker and change size in flame, sometimes even for them to extinguish themselves. Knowing how to care for the candle helps ensure that you get the best burn, every time. So, with that being said...
-Keep the wick trimmed to 1/8 inch
-Keep debris out of the candle
-Allow your candle to develop a full melt pool before extingiushing the flame
- Keep away from drafts
- It's time to stop burning your candle when there is about a half inch of wax left at the bottom! If you continue to burn it to the bottom, it can cause the jar to shatter.
-when not in use, store with lid in cool,dark place.